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The department of civil engineering was started in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students. The faculty members are expertise from various branches of Civil Engineering. They take utmost care in teaching learning process. Site visits, lectures from eminent persons are arranged to impart practical knowledge to the students so as to make them employable.

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T.S.Nataraj Aradhya, M E str (IISC)

A Warm and affectionate welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering of Akshaya Institute of Technology. Civil engineering has been an aspect of life since the beginnings of human existence, creating a need for the construction of shelter. It is a professional engineering Discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of built environments like roads, bridges, dams, canals buildings, and infrastructure needed for the growth of a nation.  Our country is a fast developing economy.  Huge amount of investment is being made by the government and private sector  for the creation of infrastructure. A large number of Civil engineers are needed to take up the task of building the infrastructure; hence there are great job opportunities for Civil engineers.

Our department has a team of qualified, well trained, dedicated and experienced faculty members who

Work hard in imparting good and quality education to the students. Our Department conducts

 Workshops, seminars, and guest lectures, site visits, to continuously upgrade the faculty and the

 Students with the latest Technology advancements. Also to impart and upgrade

Professional communication skills to the students of our Department, English Communication skill

Training classes are conducted right from the beginning of the course

 I am certain that our students will prove to be great civil engineers contributing to the growth of the nation and will be good citizens of our country.

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T.S.Nataraj Aradhya






Hullanagouda Ayyanagouda Patil


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  • Surveying practice-1&2 labs.
  • Basic material testing lab.
  • Applied engineering geology lab.
  • Hydraulics & Hydraulics machinery lab
  • Computer aided design lab.
  • Concrete and highway material testing lab.
  • Environmental engineering lab
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  • To achieve excellent standards of quality education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies.
  • To create technical man power of global standards in civil engineering with capabilities of accepting new challenges.
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  • To impart quality education in civil engineering to raise satisfaction level of all stake holders.
  • To serve society and nation by providing professional civil engineering leader ship to find solution to community, regional and global problems and accept new challenges in rapidly changing technology.
  • To create competent professionals who are trained in the design and development of civil engineering systems and contribute towards research and development activities.
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  • The student counsel system exists in the department.
  • A faculty is appointed as proctor.
  • Each proctor is allotted 20 students for counseling.
  • Proctors assists for the academic growth of the students
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  • Utilization of used plastic bottles as a replacement for conventional bricks.
  • Estimation of Loss of fuels during idling of vehicles at junctions.
  • Training in the software ETABS is given to the students of final year.
  • Seismic retrofitting techniques of high raise buildings.
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  • Department conducts Engineers day, Branch Fests every year.
  • The department also arranges for lectures by the eminent persons from the Technical field.
  • Seminars are conducted by students to update knowledge in technological advancements.
  • Students of our department participate in Campus cleaning program as a part of Swatcha Bharath Abhiyan